Quickly and Easily Plan Family Meals with This Simple Trello Board! 

Planning sheets and quick recipes with links included!

  • Save money at the grocery store with a plan for meals and reduce the likelihood of just ordering take-out multiple times a week.

  • Using Trello, a free and an easy-to-use system, you can add, edit, and access your meal plan from a computer or phone for ultimate simplicity.  Even use it to create a grocery list!

  • Save time not having to search for ideas since you can store family favorites on Trello to rotate on a regular basis. 

  • Reduce stress and decision fatigue not having to come up with a meal idea last-minute!

  • Make meal times easier and more enjoyable when you plan ahead; use fun theme nights listed on the board, utilize the quick meals already listed with links on the board, or make it super easy by pulling frozen pb sandwiches out to thaw...find a method that works for YOU and your family!